Important Manual Testing Interview Questions

2 min readAug 23, 2021


Getting a manual tester job is no joke. You have to showcase your skill in the form of tasks and sometimes or you have to clear a verbal interview. To help you with the verbal interview, we have compiled a list of questions that are most probable to appear in the interview. Kindly go through them and pass them on if you find them interesting.

1: What are the 2 main types of testing?

2: What is BVA?

3: What is DOA and how is it used?

4: What is the Severity and Priority of a bug?

5: What is a traceability matrix? Why is it important?

6: What are the different levels of testing?

7: What is a test plan?

8. What is the difference between regression and retesting?

9: What is a defect?

10: What are the different stages in a defect life cycle?

11: What is a latent defect?

12: What are the most common risks associated with project failure?

13: What are stubs and drivers?

14: What would you do if you find a defect?

15: What is fuzz testing?

16: What are the test cases you can create for a simple login screen with username, password, and login buttons?

17: What is the difference between a latent and masked defect?

18: What techniques can be used to understand the test coverage?

19: What is a code walk-through?

20: What are the different parts of a defect report?

21: What is an exit criterion and why is it used?

22: What is alpha testing?

23: What is beta testing?

24: What is crowdsourced testing?

25: What is a smoke test?

26: How does testing fit into a CI pipeline?

27: How is testing possible in the agile/scrum sprints?

28: What is positive and negative testing?

29: What is an exploratory test?

30: What is DRE?

31: What is the career path for a tester?

32: What are the roles and responsibilities of a tester?

33: What are the roles and responsibilities of a test lead?

34: What are the roles and responsibilities of a test manager?

35: What are the different types of testing? Name a few types in each?

36: What are the stages in the software testing lifecycle?

37: What are the qualities of a good tester?

38: What is cross-browser testing?

39: What is responsive testing?

40: What is a software bug?


If you wish to find more questions and answers for all the questions that we have listed here and plus 35 more. Please visit our blog

Manual Testing Interview Questions